Thursday, February 05, 2015

Communal: Park Hill, Sheffield

Found a form which is similar to whisper of light.
Let's see.

Reference Brutalist buildings: Park Hill, Sheffield

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About The Whisper of Light

for the case study.................
Initial idea: community-wide slum clearance
Outcomes: high levels of crime, anti-social behaviour and poverty
---the collapse of the steel industry, money ran out. the place is left for antisocial behaviour, vandalism and crime to take place.

the three meter wide corridor allow children to play outdoor games, and were planned to encourage neighbours to interact with one another as they might on a regular street. 

Communal walkways-the "streets in the sky" promoted by Le Corbusier's Unite d' Habitation and many of the unbuilt projects by Alison and Peter Smithson - were designed as a modern replacement for the cobbled terraces of the former slums. 

My opinion:

The 3m corridor left too blank for the residents. 
Something interesting shall be prepared. 
Eg 1. prepare a good view from the corridor
eg 2. A small sky garden shared between several owners, gardening can be carried out. 

Also note that, if that is near to a place which helps to generate the income of the locals will be recommended. 

Check out unite d' habitation
Unbuilt projects by Alison and Peter Smithson


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